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Do Walgreens Make Canvas Photos?

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When it comes to quick and convenient photo printing services, Walgreens is a name that often comes to mind. But do they offer canvas photo printing? The answer is yes, Walgreens does provide canvas photo printing services. However, how do these services stack up against specialized fine art printers like Fine Art Printing Long Island? Let’s find out.

Quality Comparison

While Walgreens offers the convenience of quick turnaround times, the quality may not be on par with specialized fine art printers. Fine Art Printing Long Island, for instance, uses archival-quality inks and materials to ensure your canvas prints last for decades.

Customization Options

Walgreens offers basic customization options like size and layout. However, if you’re looking for more advanced customization, such as different types of canvas material or specialized finishes, you might find the options limited compared to what Fine Art Printing Long Island offers.


Walgreens is a general retailer that offers a wide range of services, including photo printing. Their staff may not have the specialized expertise in fine art printing that a dedicated service like Fine Art Printing Long Island has.

Turnaround Time

One advantage of using Walgreens is the quick turnaround time, often within the same day. However, if you’re not in a rush and are looking for higher quality, Fine Art Printing Long Island, although taking a bit longer, ensures each print meets high-quality standards.

Price Point

Walgreens may offer competitive pricing, especially for smaller prints. However, when it comes to larger, more complex projects, Fine Art Printing Long Island offers exceptional quality at a price that reflects the craftsmanship involved.


So, while Walgreens does offer canvas photo printing, their service is more geared towards convenience rather than high quality. If you’re looking for canvas prints that are rich in detail, vibrant in color, and made to last, Fine Art Printing Long Island is the better choice.